Inglés para Profesionales de la Comunicación II


30/03/2018 Forum I: ICT tools in your professional life.
How have ICT tools changed the way we work in our field? .

13/04/2018 Writing: Citizen Journalism vs. Professional Journalism
According to your view, what are the pros and cons of blending citizen journalism and professional journalism?

27/04/2018 Reading: Much Ado about Nothing by William Shakespeare
Please, read carefully the book and then try to answer the questions with your own words.

11/05/2018 Recording: “A picture is worth a thousand words, really?”
Record yourself with your thoughts and opinion. The recording must be, at least, one minute.

25/05/2018 Forum II: Radio vs. Social media
Is the radio becoming extinct? Have Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp replaced the immediacy and closeness of the radio?